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What should I do if I am questioned by a member of my command or CID?
What are my rights when I'm questioned by the military?
What if I have already given a statement?
What are the types of court-martial and what are their general differences?
Can you help me even though no charges have been preferred yet?
What is the difference between an administrative discharge and a punitive discharge/dismissal?
Has there been a change in the way the military conducts courts-martial regarding sexual assaults recently?
Are the prosecutors going after servicemembers harder now?
Are defendants getting fair trials in these cases?
How do uniformed defense counsel strike the balance between zealously defending their client and protecting their career?
How are politics affecting senior military leaders regarding courts-martial?
I'm accused at a court-martial and this is B.S.! Let's take this to the news! Is this a good idea?
I've heard about attorneys taking cases 'pro bono' or for free. Can you do that for me?
What rank were you in the military?
Should I be concerned that you are not located near my installation?
What is an Article 32 hearing?
What is pretrial confinement?
What rights do I have at a court-martial?