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Marine Corps
Marine Corps
A Marine Defending Marines

As both an infantry leader and a judge advocate in the Marine Corps, Emma Shinn knows Marines. Whether it’s from years as a combat-seasoned enlisted Marine or years helping Marines in the court-room, Emma is the advocate you want on your side…  Tough, no-nonsense, but approachable. She knows what the barracks are like and can relate to clients because of 20 years being around Marines just like you. Don’t wait, pick up the phone.   Free Consultation

US Army
US Army
An Army of Two

Whether you’re at Ft Carson, Korea, or even at GTMO, Emma Shinn has served alongside some of the best soldiers in the Army and she knows what it takes to get a successful resolution for a bad Officer Evaluation Report (OER) or NCOER, court-martial, or if you’re looking at being chaptered out. If your career is in trouble, your best bet is talking to Emma sooner rather than later. Never one to back down from a tough fight, we can take on Big Army and fight your battles together. Free Consultation

US Air Force
US Air Force
On Target, On Time

As a member of the best Air Force in the world, you know that results matter. You know that you need the right answer, at the right time… Nothing less will do. Emma Shinn understands this.  As a combat veteran who worked with airmen both in and out of theater, Emma knows how to “speak Air Force” and make things happen for her clients. Whether you’re a doolie at USAFA or at the end of a long career in the Air Force, Emma Shinn can help solve your problems. Free Consultation

US Navy
US Navy
One Team, One Fight

The friendly rivalry that has long-existed between the Marines and the Navy has created some pretty good inter-service jokes, but you can rest assured that if you retain Emma Shinn as your attorney, there will be ‘One Team, One Fight.’  Emma has served aboard several fine Navy ships and is even an Emerald Shellback, crossing the Greenwich/Equator aboard the USS KEARSARGE. She knows both blue-water Navy and green-water Navy and can assist in all manner of adverse actions and courts-martial. Free Consultation

US Coast Guard
US Coast Guard
Always Ready

The first time Emma Shinn had the chance to work with the Coast Guard, she was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She had always heard good things about the Coasties, but she was ill-prepared for exactly how amazing they performed. From that day forward, each time she has had the chance to work with the Coast Guard, that initial impression has been reinforced. If you are a Coast Guardsman and are in need of her services, Emma would be proud to help you in your time of need. Pick up the phone and give her a call. Free Consultation

About Us

A Military and Criminal Law Practice Rooted in Service Before Self

Representing clients at criminal trials and administrative hearings requires that Emma Shinn be well-versed in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the US Code, the Colorado Criminal Code, the implementing regulations, and the individual services’ regulations surrounding evaluations and separations. Her practice is rooted in trial advocacy, client interaction, military culture, and negotiations. Emma’s clients are some of the best clients an attorney can have. Often selfless, patriotic, and motivated, they face the entire weight of the government thrown against them when accused at a court-martial, trial, or when they require representation at administrative separation hearings. They are located at every base, post or station across the globe and are often away from their family and support network, meaning that having a zealous advocate on their side is of the utmost importance. Having an attorney that you – the client – knows without a doubt is on your side 100% is vital for not only success, but your emotional well-being throughout what can be a very long process.  Emma will never guarantee you an outcome, but what she can guarantee you is loyalty, hard work, and zealous advocacy on your behalf. If (or when) you choose Emma as your attorney, you can rest a bit better at night knowing you are in good hands.

Emma Shinn

Dedicated to defending American servicemen and women as her primary practice, Emma Shinn works hard to get you justice.

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Emma’s Four Rules

Emma has four general rules for her clients (and friends, family and others).  This isn’t legal advice for any particular case, just good rules to live by.

Rule #1. Shut Up
Rule #2. Stay Out of Trouble.
Rule #3. Don't Drop Your Pack.
Rule #4. Never, Ever Lie to Me.

Our Practice Areas, By Percentage

Military Law - 60%
Courts-Martial - 20%
Administrative Separation Boards and BOIs - 20%
Cadet Misconduct Allegations - 20%
State & Federal Criminal Law - 40%

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Outstanding lawyer who will fight for her client. I was very fortunate to have Emma join my legal team representing me in the Marine Corps. Having worked with several military lawyers over the last 10 years, Emma stood out among her peers. She was determined and dedicated in her representation of me as well as keeping me informed on developments with my case. Her superb knowledge of the law allowed her to give me options and explain things in laymen’s terms. Emma is not afraid to stand up for her client, no matter how big the opposition may be and do what is right. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to anyone needing military representation. Emma is someone you can trust when you need help and don't know where to turn.
Captain / US Marine Corps
Excellent! Emma was great. I talked to alot of attorneys before going with Emma. She was extremely knowledgeable right from the beginning. She knew my schedule was crazy and made herself available whenever I was free. She spent time going over everything with me making sure I knew what was happening at all times. She went above and beyond to make sure that I had the best turn out possible. I'm ecstatic with my experience with her because everything turned out better than I could have thought. I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to anyone needing his assistance.
Fire Control Technician Seaman (E-3) / US Navy
Domestic Violence Charge Against My Son. Bottom Line Up Front: Emma was the absolute finest lawyer I have ever secured and known in over 26 years of Military Active Duty Service. Without having Emma represent my son in a Court of Law, he would not have been cleared of "ALL charges" against him. I would not hesitate to hire Emma again, and would fight hard to have her on our team. If you are thinking about securing Emma to represent you--stop now, contact her immediately, and have her represent you now!
Colonel / US Army
"Professionally Gifted" Emma Rowan Shinn is a honorable, informative, caring, and passionate lawyer. She made sure to explain everything to me as to raise my knowledge, not lower to my level. Not once did I ever see her overlook any detail in my situation while maintaining the upmost respect for me. Even with higher education and all the responsibility of a commissioned Marine Officer, she always stayed grounded and fair. I will recommend Emma Shinn to argue my case to get in the "pearly gates."
Lance Corporal / US Marine Corps
Emma is a passionate and experienced lawyer who was an integral part of the Marine Corps Defense Services Organization for several years. I frequently drew upon Emma's guidance in representing my own clients, and was always impressed with her ability to identify the heart of a legal issue and offer common sense - but effective - approaches to it.
Gabriel Boenecke
Military Attorney / US Marine Corps
A passionate and dedicated defender. Thinks out of the box to get results for her clients.
Nic Grey
I knew Emma Shinn when she was a Defense Counsel at Okinawa, Japan. I was a prosecutor there and saw her in trial frequently. I have a strong respect for her work ethic and trial abilities. As a prosecutor, I admired defense attorneys who were honest, diligent, and always well prepared for their cases. That was Emma. I could always trust that she was shooting straight during plea negotiations. I also knew that if we went to trial, she would be well prepared and would mount a formidable defense.
Paul Ervasti
Military Attorney / US Marine Corps
Emma Shinn is a superb lawyer. I have known her for several years and have personally sought out her advice on cases. Her guidance is always on-point and tremendously helpful. She is a smart and fierce advocate for her clients. If you are facing a legal issue in the military of any kind, hire Emma today. You will not be disappointed.
Jeff King
Criminal Defense Attorney / The Law Office of Jeff King
I worked with Emma Shinn on a military justice matter while she was on active duty as a defense attorney/judge advocate. She more than lived up to her reputation as tough, smart, and innovative. We were quite successful in that case, in no small measure to Emma Shinn being on the case. I would hire her to defend a family member against the most serious of criminal charges. She is that good. Semper Fi!
Patrick J. McClain
Military Defense Attorney / The Law Offices of Patrick McClain
Emma Shinn is a brilliant and tireless advocate. She fights for clients both in and out of the court room. I highly recommend her services! (Note: no known relation between Erin Shinn and Emma Shinn.)
Erin Shinn
Criminal Defense Attorney / The Law Offices of Erin Shinn
I endorse this lawyer without reservation. Emma and I worked together on a wrongful death case several years ago and Emma was instrumental in getting the charges against our client dismissed. She is an excellent advocate, cares about her clients deeply, and will stand up for her client against the powerful and oppressive.
Phil Stackhouse
Criminal Defense & Plaintiff's Attorney / The Law Office of Philip Stackhouse
I have known Emma since 2006, and I have worked with her often since that time. She is passionate about criminal defense, and I often seek her advice as I prepare for my own cases. She is well-known throughout our community as an experienced and aggressive trial advocate. I would trust her representation if I ever needed a criminal defense attorney.
John Hodges
Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.
Christian Lassen
Personal Injury Attorney / The Lassen Law Firm
Emma is an outstanding advocate with an impeccable reputation among her fellow attorneys. I wholeheartedly endorse her.
Kristin Brown
Criminal Defense Attorney / The Law Office of Kristin Brown
Ms. Shinn is an exceptionally gifted and dedicated attorney. Her total commitment to her clients and to the ethical practice of law have been demonstrated time and again. Anyone seeking a zealous advocate or the advice of a seasoned and reliable counsel could do no better.
Matt Cord
Attorney / US Marine Corps & The Law Office of Matthew Cord
I met Emma over a 1-month long Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's program. She is genuine, kind, and dedicated to fighting for her clients. I highly recommend Emma and would trust my friends and family with her representation.
Sarah Cho
Criminal Defense Attorney / The Law Office of Sarah Cho
Emma and I served together on a deployed tour. She was a highly respected JAG and Marine Officer. She is extremely knowledgable about military justice and is well respected as a fierce courtroom advocate. She was invited to the exclusive Trial Lawyer's College, a high honor. I would endorse her to anyone for zealous military defense representation!
Ian Holzhauer
Attorney & Judge Advocate / US Air Force & Nagle Obarski, PC
I endorse this lawyer with whom I have spent time with working on cases. Emma is an outstanding and devoted advocate and lawyer that represents her clients with integrity and passion. If you want an attorney that honors the practices of law and ethics inside and outside of the courtroom, and genuinely cares about you personally and professionally, then Emma is the attorney for you.
Elizabeth Hinds
Plaintiff's Attorney / Haynes Law Firm
I had the pleasure of working with Emma while at Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer College. Emma is sharp, dedicated and truly cares for her clients. She is an excellent attorney who I am proud to endorse.
Gary Peak
I endorse Emma Shinn. I knew her before she started her impressive legal career, back when we were both enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. She has always impressed me with her intelligence, dedication, and tenacity, and in the time I have followed her entry into private practice, I've had no doubt that she brings the same traits into her daily practice of law. If I had a friend seeking help, I'd recommend Ms. Shinn without hesitation.
Michael Giel
Emma was recommended to me and answered the phone late on a Friday night. That alone says a lot about Ms. Shinn. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Paul Saputo
Criminal Defense Attorney / Saputo Law Firm, PLLC
Ms. Shinn is an outstanding advocate and a true warrior. She is zealous, tenacious, and extremely intelligent. She will always be the most prepared lawyer in the courtroom. During her tenure in Marine Corps' legal community, Ms. Shinn was universally recognized and respected as one of the most knowledgeable and capable attorneys in the service's global defense bar. I enthusiastically endorse Ms. Shinn for any civilian or military criminal defense matter.
Micah Larripa
Emma is an intelligent and creative advocate. She has the energy and deep understanding of both administrative and criminal aspects of military law that is critical pre-trial, during trial, and post-trial. In her last job as an active duty Marine, she served as a sounding board and, basically, an emergency helpline for military defense attorneys across the globe. She has only continued to prove herself worthy of that type of respect as a civilian military defense counsel.
Aaron Meyer
I endorse Emma. She is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the military legal community.
Grover Baxley
Civilian Defense Attorney / JAG Defense, LLC

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